Ava Coffen

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Ava Coffen is a stylist, model and muse originally from rural Australia. She is inspired by dance, movement and performance art. She combines her love of this with her love for statement pieces, often pulling on an extensive archive of thrifted, found and vintage pieces.

Clients: Vogue Singapore, Vogue Czechoslovakia, Vogue Runway, Russh Magazine, Hyper Beast, Numero Berlin, Fashion Journal Australia, CoolPrettyCool, Blk Magazine, One Magazine, Ellements Mag, Sicky Magazine, COOL Aus Magazine, Cake Magazine, George Maple, Kirkis, Barro, Jaala, Aretha Brown, Miista, Jessie Western, Edward Crutchley, Kiko Kostandinov, Duo Boot, Vivendii, Vintage Garage, My Delirium, Ecco Shoes, Laura Andraschko, Selfridges, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Sydney Fashion Week, Melbourne Fashion Week, Virgin Australia Fashion Festival, Schon Magazine.



Studio Hire

Download our full spec sheet and email julia@wmgmt.co.uk to book.

W Lab has a very spacious 2 studio photography and film studio space located next door to the W office premises in Curtain Road, Shoreditch - in the heart of London's fashion district.

It is available to hire at reasonable rates to commercial clients and for editorials and tests.

The studios both come fully equipped with many exceptional facilities.

We are open Monday - Friday 10AM - 6PM with the option to book late or weekend for negotiable fees.

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