Amy Peskett

1x Blue Shoot
Amy Peskett Nike X The Face 3
By Maddie London Shoot
Deto Black Notion
Heir Numero Netherlands Digi Cover
Mimi Webb Notion Cover
Niihai Editorial Style Photoshoot
Ragged Priest Deja VU Campaign
Obby Jappari Collab Chi Virgo Shoot
Numero Berlin LV Cover Amy Peskett
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Screenshot 2022 08 10 at 11 17 29
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Amy Peskett is a London based image maker specialising in photography and creative direction, with a portfolio instantly recognisable within her niche of retro but modern inspired work. She transforms her raw imagery into romanticised, cinematic lo-fi vision. Inspired by everyday life, her emotions, the arts and influences around her, she created images for fun in her bedroom during lockdown and posted her work online, where she started to get noticed. This went on to her working with some of the biggest brands, musicians and magazine covers within her first year of being in the industry.

Clients: Nike, ASOS, The Ragged Priest, The Face, Louis Vuitton, Wonderland, Numero, Dropdead Official, PUMA, Notion